Monday, April 26, 2010

mission accomplished... well.. sort of.

i finished the latest projects, but to be totally honest with you, i'm not completely thrilled with the outcome.

i made a couple of dresses. my first completed sewing projects in TEN years..

(did i just say TEN years???)


yea.. sO, anyway, i looked at some pics from the event that these dresses debuted & my emotions were nothing less than bitter/sweet.. i did not attend this event. i simply saw pics.. some encouraging to me... others that left me a bit overwhelmed with anxiety..

what's a designer to do??

i got ALL bent out of shape.. i mean really. i felt pretty frustrated. and treated unfairly.

no longer am i venting my laments, but singing the praises that come from lessons learned.


it's been TEN years, Tosha!! ...that's my first song of rejoicing.
*i actually mustered the courage AND audacity to pick it up again after sO many years untouched..*

~tidbit of info well worth noting.. thanx, Isi!


i'm challenged to *make* more garments.. things that people will actually choose to wear in public.. (sort of exciting)


i'm not giving up! Pastor Ben Crandall challenges us to take this encouragement VERY seriously.. specifically about walking with the Lord, but i'm sure it's applicable to this situation as well..

sO.. i'm starting NEW projects.. gunna attempt to complete half-done ones.. and be hopeful!

and.. if all else fails, i can chronicle it ALL here with you.. my friends! .. and draw lil' birdies.

heh heh.. wish me luck! =)

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