Wednesday, April 28, 2010

you can aLwaYs blame Dr. Seuss..

we LOVE the book "Green Eggs & Ham.."

i'm sure it's one of my absolute favs by the guy..

sO, the other morning i decided to do the SAME daring thing my kindergarten/first grade teacher did to me..

i made green eggs & ham for my kids.. as we read the book.

the kids were determined NOT to like it.. honestly, i can't blame them. it did look pretty gross.


i'm cracKin' up just remembering how it looked..

yet, they ate it.. 'cuz everybody knows that at the end of the book, that "other guy" decided that he would eat them in a box, and he would eat them with a fox, and he would eat them here or there, in fact... he'd eat them anywhere. sO, they concluded that it must be good.. & it was..

but.. as for ME.. and MY three kids, ONCE is enough. i don't think glycerine and
blue #1 (whatever that is.. O_o) is good for us.

fun experience, anyway. hee hee.

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Tiny said...

Tosha u should of used Spinach LOLOLOL