Tuesday, April 27, 2010


if i ever turn into an old lady.. i wanna make quilts that ROCK like theirs!

i kinda wonder if i'm turning into one.

i looked at these quilts last night for a LONG time..

i mean, STUDIED them. such craftsmanship. such artistic expression.

but grandmas made them.. sO, i was sort of embarrassed to post about them.. but then i thought just now, WHO CARES???

one day i'm gonna be old. & i'm gonna want young people to blog about the "cool" stuff that they find on my blog.

and i'm gonna be proud. and post links to the cool blogs that show MY cool stuff..

as i sip tea on my porch.. holdin' hands with the man i've been married to for fifty years.

... ok. maybe i'm goin' too far.


i think i do that a lot.

by the way, nice quilts, Grandma. =)

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