Monday, November 22, 2010

thank-FULL #4


something that we all take way too lightly at times.

i'm guilty. =_=

but, i'm realizing more and more that i AM grateful (& that i should express it WAY more often) for God providing for me & my family.

• i get to stay at home with my kids *full-time* (and i gripe about it at times... O_o)

ewwww!! i should know better!!

• i homeschool my kids. (and i have griped about that at times... O_o)

i like homeschooling now! LOL

• i'm in a happy, healthy marriage.. ^-^

which, i've heard that that ALONE is a miracle of provision!!

• i have 3 smart, healthy kids..

Yes! God's been an awesome provider.. and HE continues to be!!
i'm amaZed!
writing is sO helpful. LOL.. i'm sure i'll have to read this post for the rest of my life! ha!

sO, why are we such brats at times?? thinkin' that we deserve STUFF!?

God's faithfulness is awesome by itself. everything else is sorta bonus, ya know? :)

*sO, i'm grateful*


MaeMoe said...

"i have 3 smart, healthy kids.."

Yes, you do...

tosha said...


God is good!