Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thank-FULL!! #5

i'm sOooo VERY grateful for a SAVIOR.. wait.. i meant THE SAVIOR!!

His name is Jesus CHRIST!!! are my priorities out of order?? O_o

honestly, this guy gets the glory like NO other in my life!! i'm happy to have met Him.. i'm even happier that He accepted me & calls me His own!! ^.^

how can one resist such a supernatural love!? obviously, i couldn't. it took a while for me to discontinue living for myself.. but He changed me!! & i can't deny that He gets all the credit for my new life!!

sO, yea.. this is number 5, but the truth is, i'm grateful for Him EVERYday. i hope that i'm able to display this gratitude properly on a DAILY basis.

cuz, honestly, at times.. i suck. ewww!! i mean REALLY suck.

and yet, u know what??

HE STILL LOVES me!! *... smh this love is amaZinggg!!*

what kind of MAN is this?? the disciples asked this question & it's sO appropriate.

we'll never fully understand this guy.. nor will we completely understand HIS love..

but we should be grateful for it. :)


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