Friday, November 26, 2010


as u may already realize, i failed big time with my *EVERYDAY* posts 'til thanksgiving thing.

i'm not that great at this stuff, but i enjoy it, sO.. i keep goin'!!


the truth is i have a LOT to be grateful for. and although i may not be that great at keepin' up with commitments, i know someone who is. & that's Jesus!

NOooo, i'm not trying to turn this blog into some big, huge religious zone... but i AM a Christian!

& anyone who's in love with ANYthing/one tends to talk about that thing/one who has captivated their hearts... no?


sO, yea.. i talk about HIM. Jesus is His name. He taught me a valuable lesson about friendship and forgiveness this week.

(imagine that.. THANKSGIVING week..)

i have a friend whose mom just went to heaven. she shared with me the week before her mother's death that she was sick. with cancer. that stuff is evil.

we prayed. i cried at the thought. it was only about a week later if not even a week that she called me again to let me know her mom was gone.

that quick.

a good friend would make sure to reach out to one whose dearest family member has passed away, right?

you'd think so. but i was sO self-consumed to even remember what being a good friend looked like.

i'm embarrassed by this. but grateful. God taught me a LOT in that week.

how to FORGIVE myself - for failing my friend
how to BE forgiving - through my sweet friend
& what a true GOOD friendship looks like. - she exemplified that to me in her reaction.

i may not do well next week in displaying EVERY sweet quality of a good friend.. but i'm learning.

and for that, i'm grateful. :)

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allisonpatricia said...

God bless you Tosha, it's a treasure to have good friends today