Sunday, October 16, 2011

*confession* #327

WHY confession #327, tea?  cuz it sounds cool, right?

confession #1 sounds whack..  like i never had to confess anything until now.. pshhh..  lol


i NEED this stuff *right* now.
i'm not even playin'!
check out this shirt.. if it wasn't for the price tag attached, i'd hafta snatch that one up! :)
(remember.. i'm the girl with the $5 price "rule")
 & of course with the pants.. one word.. *STYLINNNN*

i actually have a blanket with this kind of knitted pattern.. i'm feelin' sOoo tempted right about now.

anyway.. inspiration can only get u so far.. then you either hafta start BUYing or MAKEing..

it's up to you.. me. which gets pretty complicated.. i'm one of those girls who doesn't really care for sewing..  *ick*
i'm tempted to buy some ol' skool patterns, though.. maybe that would make the journey a lil' more exciting.. we'll see..  ;)

*remember* confessions are good for the soul. <3


Suri said...

Where did you get that pic of the IS real nice!! I like it!!

Tiny said...

It is a nice shirt, wonder if anyone bought one??? Just take a button down long sleeve shirt, cut off the sleeves and add elastic to the sleeve, then use the cut sleeve to make the cowl neck.

tosha said...

Me, too!! I want it! Price tag is ODEE, tho.. & tiny it ain't as simple as it looks! That shirt is awesome, tho.. U can click on the word "tag" to see details.. ;)

I wanna make one.. Not motivated enuf, tho.. I gotta b honest. O__o

joyfulwith3 said...

If you like fibr arts & the like you should join

tosha said...

thnx, Beckles! i gotta check that one out! :)