Wednesday, October 19, 2011

fuzzy leaves..

i discovered these sweet wreath concepts that are very pretty.. thinkin' of makin' one, but it's way more complicated than just choosing one.. turns out i'd like to make sumthin a lil' less perfect..

irregular makes a wreath look a lil' more realistic, no?

sOo.. i went thru the wreaths and grabbed my picks that i thought combined would make the *perfect* door adornment..

leaves! sweet lil' idea.. but they need to be more than one color.. in *my* opinion.. 
sOo.. add pops of color like this one has!
& these flowers in varying sizes would be awesome...

 i'm gonna give it a shot.. wish me well.. this should be fun!  :)

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Clarissa Morales-Bejarano said...

oh yay! let us know how it turns out! been wanting one for our door too but everything i find at the stores is too christmasy. hadnt thought of making one but maybe i will AFTER i see urs. yay!