Thursday, October 20, 2011

toot time!!

this is my FIRST ever tutorial!!
how exciting!!  ^.^

i decided to create a wreath... got pretty inspired the last few days lookin' at all these different ones that are available thru crafty folk...

i think it turned out sOoo adorable.. & so, i thought i'd share a lil' toot with you so you could make one, too..  :)

shall we begin??

grab a WIRE hanger.. (if you don't have one, go get sumthin dry-cleaned again..)
stretch out the wire until you've got a nice roundish sumthin..

find a rag or two & cut it into strips.. (i used an old towel..) wrap it around the hanger over & over & over again until you've got the WHOLE thing-a-ma-jigga covered in rags..  lay it flat as you go so the strips don't shift.

you wanna get some fiberfill (the kind that's used for quilting cuz it's a long one piece thingy) cut a strip or two of that about 3 inches wide & wrap that around the strips of rags..
wrap with yarn.. (honestly at this point, i didn't know what i was doin', but this seemed *right* lol)
turns out the yarn will kinda tie the other stuff together..

collect *stuff* to prettify your wreath.. i wanted mine to be made of mostly felt, so that's what i used.. as a base, i chose one color (i found this cheap sweatshirt poly-sumthin to use as the base color & wrapped it inside out so that it would have the same fuzzy texture as my felt decorations)

i discovered that my glue gun was my best friend (who knew?) i cut lil' leaves & flowers out & just played with the pieces until it felt *right*. i added embroidery floss to give it a lil' more

i think it turned out pretty cute.. you? :)


Suri said...

Love it!! good job!!!!!

Clarissa Morales-Bejarano said...

super cute! i really need to try this now!

tosha said...

aww, thnx guys!! ur really great encouragements!! thnx 4 keepin' me goin! ;)