Sunday, October 23, 2011

juicin'? NOoo.. smoothin.. ;)

a friend of mine has decided to go on a juicin' kick..

i'll be the first one to tell you that i am sO not interested in juicing. it's not appealing to me at all..

& i may get flack from my friends who are on the juice train, but come on, man..
you're WASTING delicious *veggie meats* for sum juice!???  my momma would cuss you out & she don't even cuss..

lol... JUST kidding.. 

but i'm sure you know what i'm talkin' about..

sO, anyway... one of my closest friends got a juicer & posted a pic of her shopping cart full of bright colored veggies & fruits on facebook & tagged me in the pic cuz she's juicin'..

apparently i'm spoze to be interested..   o_____O

poor girl probably didn't know any better. 


okay.. i admit.. when i hear about the nutritional value, my ears perk up just a lil.. but i ain't wastin' no veggie meats. my momma would kill me.

sOo.. i got inspired. i was eatin' WAY too much carb stuff the other day & i got a lil' creative to get sum veggie meats in me..

here's what i did..

i took the last of a bag of fresh spinach salad (probably about 1/2 cup)
a half a frozen banana (i believe you should ALWAYS have ripe bananas frozen in your freezer)
a handful of frozen raspberries ( i believe you should ALWAYS have a bag of frozen berries in your freezer, too)
a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream
probably about 4 tbsp of orange juice
and a half cup of vanilla soy

i mixed this stuff together in my food processor/blender combo on liquify & it was amaZingggg!!

the result was an awesome smoothie that looked super yuck..  but tasted like *heaven*
(this ain't a pic of it.)

you have NO idea. my kids were grossed out so i FORCED them to try it & then i had to FORCE them to STOP tryin' it! Lol..

the only thing is i wish i would've had more spinach..

can sumbody say BANGIN'??


yummy..  try it. lemme know what you think!


Suri said...

I agree with you on the juicing really a waste of wood!! What I did was the green smoothies... where you use the same veggies like a bag of spinach and other greens and mix it in the blender ( I invested in the BLENDTEC) and use the frozen fruit and spin away and its yummy and very heathy for you!!!

Suri said...

ooppss ** a waste of food!!! lol