Monday, October 24, 2011

Q is for..

quilting!!  ^.^

do i suddenly become an old lady if i have an interest in such unique works of art? one of my friends thinks so.. o_O

i BEG to differ!

i find quilting to be VERY intriguing!

not just anybody can turn a picture into a blanket..  or.. a blanket into a picture.. *heh heh*

& that's what this girl is doin'... and doin' quite well, i might add.. ;)

look how cute!

"God bless the fishes in the deep blue sea" 

sweet lil' birdie.. & you KNOW how i feel about lil' birdies... 

i'm a sucker for bright colors.. i'm seriously thinkin' of giving this type of artistry a try.. i'm impressed..

isn't this one adorable!?  
looks like this just might be my next lil' project.. :)

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