Tuesday, October 25, 2011

thankful tuesday..

cuz sumtimes thursdays ain't enough.. lol

i dug out all of the kids' winter/fall clothing today..

honestly, this is NOT my house.. but i felt like the pile at my house
 was about the same size as this one..  o_O

TONS of jackets.. a ridiculous amount of stuff for just three lil' people..

but as i'm takin' care of such a tedious chore, i'm reminded that there are children without enough clothes..

children without enough FOOD.. children without enough LOVE..

& then i realize how grateful i should be that i can't see the floor.. i'm not even close to being done finding a home for all of their things & did i mention that out of the humongous piles of abundance, i think i could spot maybe THREE things that i purchased??

THREE things.  o_O

crazy, right??  
i'm sOoo grateful.

i had a rough day. lyrics from a Sara Groves song sum it up best, "woke up on the wrong side of the bed, the wrong side of the room, the WRONG side of the world.."

(just in case you wanna hear it yourself..)  

what a funk..  & sOo.. instead of start writing to you about how much my life sucks, i realize i need to put down sum gratitude on my virtual paper. cuz life is full of lemons.. sour, but with sweetener, they make yummy lemonade.. & full of roses.. that have sum very painful thorns, yet they smell pretty sweet..  & full of stank feet.. that if you just wash 'em, they'll smell ok again..

nevermind. i'm delirious.. lol

God certainly does provide..  & i'm grateful.

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