Thursday, October 27, 2011


it was not my intention to leave you hangin' yesterday if you came by for sum tidbit of sumthin..

Meowy hurt his foot or leg last night.. at around 9pm..

now you may be thinkin', "WHO in the world is Meowy?" 

Meowy is our cat.

when he hurts, apparently i hurt, too.. :(
who knew??
a quite delightful lil' guy who i'm almost completely convinced is human. at least in part.

we don't know what happened to the lil' guy, but all of a sudden he has a limp & he's yellin' a LOT.

i used to be an animal lover. i wanted to be a veterinarian as a lil' girl, but as i got older, that dream got old too..  & dull.. & uninteresting..

NOW that we gotta pay for his doc visit, i'm realizing that i should've stayed with the plan..  


but, nOoo. i had to go & get all fashion-self... 

lame. (especially since that desire got old, too once i saw what the fashion world was really like)

sO.. yea. a lil' bunny cat (he's a hopper) with a seemingly sprained foot/leg..

& i've become sad for him. my heart breaks to see him hurting.

WHY??  WHY you ask.. he's JUST an animal.

i'll tell you why.

cuz it turns out cats are people, too..  

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